Spiritual Purification at Creative School

Creative School is a Conscious Community dedicated to Holistic Education and Sacred Parenting

Credit: The Sacred Classroom

We began 11 years ago inspired by the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother on Integral Education. Today we are a thriving community space. 270 children attend our school nurtured with love and respect by more than 50 teachers working together to co-create a new way of education. Prajna Wisdom Center is the heart of Creative School and offers personalized healing, workshops and retreats for the inner transformation required for such a journey. Our center and school have been offering our service to many people locally as well as through residential programs.

In December 2014, Leonard Orr the Founder of Rebirthing International spent 17 days at Creative school offering the nine-day Rebirthing Breathwork and Spiritual Purification training to interested healers, teachers, and parents. Re-birthers from all over the world participated in the nine-day retreat.  Leonard also initiated a program for children where all interested children receive ten sessions and experiences of Breathwork and Spiritual Purification. Every day during the retreat we also practiced four breathing practices – Twenty Connected Breaths, Alternate nostril breathing, Alternate nostril breathing with Om Namah Shivaya chanting and Silent energy breathing. Forty-five adults practiced and the result was a deep lasting peace that completely transformed the face of our school.


Since then, for the past seven years, we have kept up with the practices in our school community in many different ways. A summary of these are listed below.


  1. Every leader, teacher, healer, administrator, staff receives ten free Breathwork sessions as part of their benefits.
  2. Rebirthing Breathwork and Spiritual Purification are now part of our Teachers training program The Sacred Classroom.
  3. The whole community practices daily Fire meditation for 30 to 45 minutes minimum. Every visitor to school is encouraged to spend some time with the Fire as well. This has been especially useful during the Pandemic in keeping our space healthy.
  4. We have incorporated the four breathing techniques into our daily practice of Breathing and meditation closing with affirmations. Adults and children practice every day.
  5. This daily practice has been shared with over 400 teachers from 100 schools in Odisha state and 300 teachers from small government schools in Karnataka state. The reach is vast…
  6. Small children in our early childhood learn twenty connected breaths. It is a joy to watch them! We never really force or correct them. They watch the adults and learn gradually.
  7. Every classroom in school has a Peace Corner. Children use twenty connected breaths as one of the suggested methods to calm themselves down.
  8. Alternate nostril breathing and conscious connected breathing are used by older children even during stressful situations including their examinations. Especially when they experience brain fog, they have learnt to use their breath to bring clarity.
  9. Each child in school is offered ten free sessions of Rebirthing Breathwork. So far, we have completed ten sessions for close to 100 children.  From 10 years and above.
  10. Children are offered and supported with sessions when they experience trauma or are having a difficult time.
  11. Weekly time is set aside on the school calendar for teachers to practice different forms of healing, awareness including Rebirthing Breathwork.
  12. Annual support from Alfredo a rebirther based in Italy – who has been spending three months every year here offering sessions, training our community. This has been a significant contribution post Leonard’s retreat.
  13. Weekly time set aside for teenagers who practice with each other after completing ten sessions. Teenagers are also offering sessions to younger children.
  14. Our healing center offers Breathwork sessions to the general public. We have worked with people who have come in with relationship issues, physical challenges, conflicts to resolve, parenting issues etc and used Rebirthing Breathwork very effectively for these.
  1. A monthly free program called Drop Everything and Recharge is held where people can experience Fire meditation, affirmations, chanting and simple Breathing exercises to encourage Spiritual Purification. This has brought in more awareness and clients for Breathwork.

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