RIBA Code of Ethics

Ethical Code for Rebirthers

Endorsed by RIBA

This is for Rebirthing Breathwork practitioners, students, trainers, volunteers, staff, and all participants of RIBA Trainings.

The purpose of this is to facilitate a professional, ethical, and sacred space for Healing to occur. Our attention and focus is on personal growth, the power of Rebirthing Breathwork, and the Spiritual Purification Practices of earth, air, water, and fire.

Rebirthing Breathwork is a powerful and intimate healing modality that can open up and release tremendous amounts of divine energy. We require that all practitioners and participants and staff of trainings to promote trust to experience deep healing and personal clarity.

Rebirthing Breathwork Practitioners:

1. Have a harmonious and professional relationship with the client
2. Keep appointments and be ready for them
3. Make sure you are available to give 10 sessions (or make sure they can be completed by another high quality Rebirther)
4. Have an adequate quiet place for the session
5. Teach your client the important themes of Rebirthing (see the list of Goals in the first 10 Rebirthing Breathwork sessions)
6. Stay in touch with the Rebirthing community and other Rebirthers
7. Keep on learning and healing yourself. Practice what you teach
8. High levels of integrity
9. Willingness to negotiate and make Rebirthing available to everyone
10. Respect Client Confidentiality
11. Do not have sexual relationships with your clients
12. Provide High Quality Rebirthing sessions (section 11.3.a in the Manual for Rebirthers)
13. Teach spiritual purification
14. Ask for information and support from other experienced Rebirthers (particularly if you need advice on a new or difficult case)
15. Have a support group or spiritual community for you and your clients. You can organise meetings.
16. Inform your clients on how to learn more, continue with more seminars, give a spiritual purification training for them.


Students, Staff and Teachers at Trainings:

  • RIBA requires abstinence regarding the use of alcohol and recreational drugs.

RIBA recommends respecting the personal boundaries of all participants, including sensitivities in regard to sex. Recognizing the intimate dynamic of the practitioner – client relationship, Breathworkers are encouraged to treat this relationship with the highest degree of professionalism at all times.


  • Water Rebirthing; is usually practiced with people who have completed 10 dry sessions.

Rebirthers normally wear bathing suits unless there is a prior agreement otherwise.


  • By attending this training we acknowledge that our main focus in being here is to learn or teach Rebirthing Breathwork, and facilitate healing.


  • We are coming together as a Spiritual Community to support one another in experiencing our Natural Divinity, to discover, express, and accept our unique, Divine talents and gifts.

As responsible adults we recognize the Divinity, and equality, of ourselves and of each individual here. We treat each other with respect, loving kindness, and gratitude for the contributions each individual brings to the group.


  • We recognize that children are especially sensitive and connected to their Natural Divinity, and agree to work together as a group to provide children with extra care, attention, love, and protection.


  • We ask that if you have any concerns with these requirements that you please discuss it as soon as possible with a team leader, the group, or facilitator.


Additional Practices:

  • Team Leader Meetings can be held after daily Rebirth sessions, for support, processing, and communication.


  • Working in Groups of Three is to be practiced whenever reasonably possible.

There are many benefits of Rebirthing in teams of three, such as the opportunity for learning it provides, as well as having the additional presence, compassion, and love. Many people will also get in touch with experiencing both the Mother and Father present, regardless of the gender of the people assisting with the Rebirth. People who have not yet had a Rebirthing session should breathe first.