RIBA Board Members

Sara Dawn

Rebirthing Breathworker, SaraDawn.comLeonardOrrBooks.com

Sara has been a friend, supporter, event organizer and student of Leonard Orr since 2002. Her personal experience of physical healing, inner growth, and transformation has inspired her to share this work with others.

Many of you may know Sara through her work as Leonard’s newsletter editor, database manager, and former publisher of the Conscious Connection quarterly newsletter. She is also the founder and owner of LeonardOrrBooks.com, the online resource for Leonard’s eBooks, Mp3 audios, and digital downloads.

Sara is a graduate of the full curriculum at The LifeForce Educational Corporation, founded by Rev. Matt Garrigan.

In 2007 Sara received her license with the United Centers for Spiritual Living, founded by Ernest Holmes, as a Religious Science Prayer Practitioner (RScP).

She is an author, artist, and full time mama to a very special divine being. After traveling to India and living for several years in Spain, she and her family are currently enjoying life in Oregon, USA

Peace (Virginia) Arnold

Rebirthing Breathworker, Rebirthingtree.com

Peace (Virginia) Arnold, is a Master Rebirther and Grief Recovery Specialist with a background in Oriental Healing Arts and Energy development.

Peace served as director of complementary healing arts at Comprehensive Pain Management in NYC under Dr Gary Thomas which served as pain management clinic for two NYC Hospitals, at that time.

An ordained Interfaith-Interspiritual Minister, Peace began her training in Rebirthing Breathwork in 2003 with Sondra Ray and Maureen Malone and then ‘accidentally’ made contact with Leonard Orr, founder of Rebirthing Breathwork and the International Rebirthing Breathwork Movement.

This meeting with Leonard was life changing. Peace began, what developed into, a 3 year personal training with Leonard into his entire system and an additional 2 years managing RBI Headquarters and bookstore in Virginia in his absence.

Through Leonard, Peace has met and organized for many of the original team of Rebirthers from the early days. It has been an interesting and rewarding experience.

Heike Strombach

Master Rebirther, HeikeStrombach.com

Since 1991 I have worked and studied with Leonard Orr, founder of Rebirthing breathing technique and one of the great philosophers of physical immortality and the inspiration for the new age. A living master.

Since 1992 I have led countless trainings in the United States and around this beautiful planet.

In 1994 we founded the breath and life center Klaswipper and 1998 RBI Germany. My spiritual path has been taking me to many places that inspire me. In over ten visits to India I am amazed about the combination of holiness and uglyness that is unmatched in this world. I love this amazing place.

I practise daily the practises with air, earth, water and fire and am conscious of my thoughts more and more. The quality of my life has improved so much, I am deeply grateful for all.