The Book of Revelations

The Book of Revelations is a great mind exercise.

By Leonard Orr

The Book of Revelations is a great mind exercise. We can figure it out of we understand the basic truths about life. But the truth takes the fun out of it and makes us face ourselves. Are you prepared to face yourself?

All there is is Energy, Thought, and Form. We are Spirit, Mind, and Body. The two basic functions of the mind are to create and destroy reality. However, we can also just observe reality or participate in it, as long as it exists.

The Space between our thoughts, The Silence, is God, where we meet God and together we create our reality by the quality of our thoughts.

Most people live in their feelings and forget that they are the Source of their feelings. Our thought habits are the source of our religious feelings as well as all of our other feelings. And we can catch feelings from other people and groups of people. It can be called emotional energy pollution, but we can also catch beautiful feelings from groups worshiping God and from music.
In the Book of Revelations the cube is the symbol for the mind, because which-ever way you turn a cube it is always the same. It is always right side up. The truth is a two-edged sword, or a sword that turns every way. The smallest things in the universe are thoughts, and thoughts have created the biggest things in the universe. Our small problems are created by the mind as well as our big problems.

The two basic functions of the mind are to create, and to destroy what we have created. But unfortunately, people have used the mind to try to destroy what they didn’t create. We cannot destroy the Substantive Qualities of Being, Life-Itself, Spirit, or Energy. When we trap ourselves in these kinds of thought habits, we just create pain for ourselves. We are working against our own Divine Nature. We can have thoughts that negate the qualities of our Divine Nature, but they create inner conflict and self sabotage.

Jesus said that all the prophecies would be fulfilled in his present generation. All the prophecies are usually fulfilled in every generation. We just have to look around us to notice this. To realize the truth inside of ourselves is the return of Christ. The word Christ means to rule with understanding. When we are living in harmony with our Divine Nature – our God-self, we are ruling our consciousness and our affairs with understanding. When our thoughts are conscious, and in harmony with our Divine Nature and intentions and desires, we are in heaven on earth already.

When we are conditioned by parents and past experiences, we can be in perpetual conflict and pain and misery and desire escape through death. When we master our own mind, and live in the Reality beyond the mind, we are in heaven. We are in Divine Substance, the space between out thoughts.

We can live the second coming of Christ every time we enter the Space between our thoughts and choose the content of our next thought. So the second coming of Christ is every day. We don’t have to wait for it. It is always available to us.

Is this too obvious and simple for you to grasp? What I am saying is the prophecies are usually true in every moment. They are a way of looking at life.

The Book of Revelation says that we are always judged by our words. Our words are created by the quality of our thoughts. The Supreme Judgment is happening every moment and we have to live with our results until we change our thoughts – repent.

This is the simplicity of the gospel. The good news is that we are in charge of our personal reality. And we can spread this gospel and have others enjoy the same power and goodness of life – truth, simplicity, and love.
No matter how elaborate the prophetic symbols become, the simple truth is still the truth and we have to live with it. All symbols reveal Energy, Thought, and Form. They all can be interpreted as true in present time.

When we incorporate the mind and the body into the Conscious Life of the Eternal Spirit we have eternal life. When we are victims of the unconscious death urge, we suffer, until we repent, change our minds, and live in harmony with the Eternal Spirit. For most prophets, their prophecies of doom are just projections of their own personal unconscious death urge.

If we really neglect the quality of our mind, we will lose it and cease to exist in mind or body. Our individual soul will be annihilated. This is the end.
These simple truths make the Book of Revelations an open book. It illustrates the power of our thoughts as individuals and as groups, religious or political.

When we align our thoughts with the Nature of Spirit, God the Father – Babaji, and Jesus, the Buddha, and all other Saints and Immortal Yogi Masters will feel better about living with us in physical form on planet Earth.

The second coming of Christ is in your hands – your mind. The timing is up to you and your friends. Heaven on earth is up to you. Jesus is waiting on you.

The churches have failed in every generation since Jesus, because they missed the simple truth. Truth, simplicity, and love is the eternal gospel. We have to practice it to create heaven on earth. To the extent that we do, we are already enjoying heaven on earth.

Jesus said, “When heaven comes to earth, there will be no place to go”. Death will become obsolete.

Truth, Simplicity and Love,
Leonard D. Orr

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