SALT – Special Advanced Leadership Training for Rebirthing Breathwork – $300 deposit



with Heike Strombach and Irene Jove Baumann

from 3rd till 7th of June  2023

Menorca, Spain


  • Deepen your knowledge about Rebirthing Breathwork.
  • Improve your breath awareness and technique deeply.
  • Get better results with your clients and in your personal practice.
  • Break your patterns towards prosperity as a Rebirthing professional
  • Reach the next level in your business.
  • Understand what Breathing and Mind Mastery is really about.
  • Become a leader in your field of expertise.
  • Become a community builder.

For WHOM is our training?:

This training is for all who have completed the professional Rebirthing breathwork training with Rebirth International and are in the process of its certification:

  • taking 3 people through ten sessions plus 18 h of supervision
  • assisting a training, which will complete your Rebirthing training of 400 h in order to receive the RIBA certification supported by the GPBA (Global Professional Breathwork Alliance)

Topics we will cover 

• Mind Mastery: Advanced personal law seminar /    Advanced birth script seminar/      Personal goals: share your vision of dream life /       Understanding and using the archetypes of the collective unconscious

• building Spiritual Community:        Become a community builder and leader in your field of expertise

• Advanced body mastery:         Breathwork skills: Breathing inspection and supervision with special emphasis on challenging breathing patterns/   Breathing sessions exchange /  breathwork session demonstration /    the Tibetan rites

• Sharings & community celebrations / laughter Yoga / Questions and answers /Certification ceremony

Experience together an overnight outside Vision Quest on the beach

Tuition 770€ + 20% taxes

plus 65€ /per night (including 3  veg. meals)



Arrival Friday afternoon
Beginn: Sat 9 am with welcome & sharing & goals for the training
exchange of Breathing sessions
Lunch 2pm

3.30 Sharing, questions and answers
Topic: Understanding and using the archetypes of the collective unconscious.

Preparation for vision quest: Inspiration from the elements
Night on the beach

Sunday Vision quest and fasting

Monday 7 am Aarti
Tibetan rites
8 am Breakfast
9 am Breathing inspections Guided session with Heike
Exchange of session
Lunch break 2pm
3.30 pm sharing & Questions and answers
4 pm Seminar Advanced personal law with Irene
swim in the sea
8.30 Dinner

7 am Aarti
Tibetan rites
8 am breakfast
Meeting 9 am guided session with Irene
Exchange of breathing sessions
2 pm Lunch break
15.30 pm Meeting sharing & Questions and answers
4 pm Advanced births script seminar with Irene
6.30 Laughter yoga & swim in the sea – being light and humorous about our selves

Agni hotra fire ceremony and sun gazing at sunrise at the beach
8.30 breakfast
Meeting 10 am Spiritual community and conflict resolution
12.30 personal goals / Questions and answers
Final sharing
Certification ceremony for completion of 400 h
3 pm Lunch

Preparation before coming : written life plan and goals to receive support
ending Wednesday at 3pm


Contact: Irene Jove Baumann     +34 610 262792

Heike Strombach +49 2269 528


Pay your $300 deposit today to reserve your space!