One Year Seminar OYS

Wipperfürth, Germany


This is professional training over 1 year


  • Annual training over 10 weekends. Includes level 1, 2 & 3.
  • Missed seminars can be made up in the following year
  • Later entry to 5th module in the course is possible, provided that the “intensive training level 1” was completed.


Trainingszentrum Rebirth International
Klaswipper 30
51688 Wipperfürth





Level 1 – 3

in 10 Modules  2022:

in planning


Training content


Every module contains the exchange of individual breathing sessions.

Lots of sharing and caring for each other!

Module 1:

Rebirthing breathwork introduction weekend

Introduction to Connected Breathing created by Leonard Orr

  • The physiology of the breath & why conscious breathing can make you happier
  • Breathing exercises and breath-awareness
  • How the birth experience affects relationships & our whole life
  • The Owners manual
  • The Energy cycle

Anyone can join / great intro to Rebirthing breathwork

Module 2:

Mind mastery

how to get rid of negative beliefs and make the mind your best friend!

  • Introduction to spiritual psychology after Leonard Orr: The 15 Biggies
  • The personal law: destructive beliefs about ourselves
  • How our subconscious shapes our reality
  • The key to happiness & abundance
  • Realize personal goals
  • Life vision

Module 3:

The Nature Spirit Seminar

how to use the power of the elements for spiritual purification

  • Air: special breathing exercises
  • Earth: Diet, Fasting & Exercise
  • Water: cold water rebirthing in the lake
  • Fire: Vision quest
  • Ether: Mind & Energy work
  • Biggies Part 2
  • Physical Immortality



Module 4:

Forgiveness, self-love & gratitude

… or how old injuries can help us get free

  • The Inner Child heals us!
  • Residual pain from birth, childhood & adolescence
  • Self-love: the foundation for happy relationships
  • Body awareness – breathing in front of the mirror
  • Byron Katie
  • Completion Letter etc.

Module 5:

Becoming a breathing-guide

how to professionally accompany Rebirthing Sessions

  • Ethics of a Rebirther
  • The energy cycle and what you should be aware of
  • Phenomenon during a breathing session
  • breath awareness
  • development of intuition and self-confidence in accompanying breathing sessions
  • Cold water rebirthing in the lake
  • • Breath inspections

Module 6:

The Prosperity Seminar

how to increase your happiness in all areas of your life

  • Poverty mind vs. Prosperity consciousness
  • How to build a clientele within 30 days (no matter what!)
  • What is my life’s task and mission?

Module 7:

Ultimate Happiness –

health and aliveness

  • how to free oneself from collective beliefs about sickness and death
  • keep your body young, vital and healthy.
  • Family and collective beliefs about life and death and their influences
  • Physical immortality: mistaken belief or health promoting philosophy?

Module 8:

The relationship carousel

  • What drives revenge?
  • The cure of guilt, shame, anger and rage
  • Trauma healing and senility
  • Family Constellation
  • Warm water Rebirthing
  • cold water Rebirthing

Module 9:

Leadership training

… or how to become a successful Rebirther

  • qualities of a leader
  • to hold lectures
  • Build community
  • Organize seminars
  • Nonviolent communication 1

Lots of Sharing and caring for each other!

Module 10:

deepen your communication skills and professional success

  • building spiritual Community
  • Nonviolent communication skills 2
  • deepen our Self-awareness
  • supporting the birthing process and children
  •  Certificates & sharing

certification process as a certified Rebirther will happen after successfully completing  3 Clients through 10 sessions

Investment for 10 weekends :

2900, – € plus accommodation / meals

    • Please bring a sleeping bag, flashlight, and weatherproof clothing and shoes for the vision quest.


option to continue Level 4:

Taking 3 clients through 10 sessions

with 6 month supervision





Sep 09 - 11 2022


All Day

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