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Sara Dawn

RIBA Founder

My vision is that the teachings of Rebirthing Breathwork, healing with the elements, and knowledge of the unconscious death urge and how to heal it, become common education for everyone around the globe.

That we restore our relationship to the Sacred Feminine.

That we reforest our earth, clean her waters, earth, and air, restore wildlife populations and habitat, and heal our human hearts and planet.

That animals live safe from human harm.

That we, as humanity honor and celebrate our diversities.

That we make reparations with our indigenous cultures and protect, respect, support and empower their communities.

That humanity embrace only harmonious technologies that do no harm or depletion of our Mother Earth, Gaia, and live closer to the land in connection with Nature, conscious evolution, healing, and wholeness.

That we build a monetary system that works for everyone.

That we evolve as a global human family, bringing an end to war, poverty, and hunger.

That we achieve all this and expand even further into what our human potential is, in love and service to life itself.



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Portland, Oregon, United States

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