Rebirthing for Breathworkers

For Breathworkers who are capable of breathing themselves through a session

And Professionals working in the field of Birth

Now that you’ve done a Breathwork training, would you like to dive deeper into facilitating sessions for your clients? Or as a Birth Professional would you like to understand more about Birth Types?

This workshop involves 3 hours of lectures, individual sessions and one hour group mentoring per week.

  • Learn how the Rebirthing Technique is different: nose or mouth breathing – nadis. The Energy Cycle. Physical Resistance. Emotional Resistance. Breathing Deviations. Breathing Mechanism Release. Energy Release. First Breath.
  • Understand how our first 1001 days are critically important to how our life is set up: conception, pregnancy, birth and infancy.
  • We then move through childhood and adolescence, highlighting needs that weren’t met, which can arise in Rebirthing sessions.
  • Unravel your Birth Script.
  • Learn the Birth Types and how to work with each type. Find out why you have certain behaviours.

Note that: Further training and assessment must be undertaken in order to certify as a Rebirthing Breathworker.


  • 18 & 19 June



3 hours lectures ET 10am-1pm GMT 3pm-6pm.

Sessions ET 2pm-6pm, GMT 10am-2pm.


1 hour of group mentoring ET 10am, GMT 3pm.


Sep 17 2022 - Oct 30 2022


All Day

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