One-Year-Seminar in Holland 23/24

OYS Holland

For Leonard D. Orr the 3 most important topics for this century were spiritual enlightenment, spiritual purification and spiritual community. Spiritual enlightenment as the mastery over the mind, understanding that we create our reality with our mind, spiritual purification, to learn to clean the body and mind of negative, self destructive thoughts and feelings, and spiritual community to live in love and harmony with other people.

Wendy van de Kuit and I like to invite you to take part in our monthly support group, to practice in a loving environment these basic human challenges. We are starting in June on June 25th, 2023 in Wipperfürth, Germany, and continue the other events in Einthoven, the Netherlands. During this year we will look at  topics that we have not covered so deeply in our trainings, for example:

  •  spiritual community & the kill the leader syndrome
  • healing toxic shame & bitterness about live,
  • diving deeper into ways out of grief after significant losses, 
  • healing anger, rage & addictions
  • Charca philosophy, 
  • leadership, roles and group dynamics, 
  • spiritual evolution and ecstasy, 
  • strengthening our intuition, 
  • the power of prayer
  • food abuse verses healthy nutrition
  • planetary constellation
  • Thinking, feeling and willing

Most of our meetings will be at Wendy’s center in Eindhoven. Each 6 month package has 1 meeting at the breath and life center near Cologne. 

Dates  2023:: 

25th of June In Wipperfürth, Germany       The power of our family

16th of July at Eindhoven @ Wendy’s 

20th of August

24th of September

5th of November

3rd of December

Dates 2024

21st of January 

18th of February

17th of March

21st of April

19th of May

23rd of June in Germany

each unit includes 6 1-day meetings from 10am till 7 pm with a special topic and breathing sessions in exchange. After the first meeting you have to commit to the 6 times to continue.

Location: 1st & 7th meeting Klaswipper 30, 51688 Wipperfürth, Germany

All other meetings:Aalsterweg 181B    /5644 RA Eindhoven    /Netherlands

Costs 108 € per day of 599,- for 6 units pay for early birds 

Contact: Heike Strombach, / +49 2269 528     phone +316 44 808 949



Jun 25 2023


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