3 Week Professional Rebirthing Breathwork Training



Heike Strombach



Enhances your personal development and growth, to create more abundance, self love and happiness in your life and use the art of Rebirthing. Level 1 is aimed for all people who:

  • wish a happier, healthier and more authentic life

  • want to develop perfect self-acceptance and self-love

  • want to lead true, fulfilling and trusting loving relationships

  • are already happy and satisfied but feel something is slowing them down

    want to live in abundance at all levels: financially, emotionally, mentally and spiritually

  • dissolve breathing blockades and once again want to breathe deeply and fully

  • recognize and resolve limiting beliefs


Breath mastery

To help you build your professional success, to realize your dreams and goals, and to learn more skills to be a good Rebirther. Level 2 is aimed at all people who have already completed level 1 and:


  • want to deepen their own process

  • want to more successfully build their clientele

  • want to accompany other people through the Rebirthing process

  • already working as a coach, therapist, trainer or consultant and would like to better understand the concerns of their clients and accompany them even more effectively

  • are in a leadership position and want to motivate with more clarity, authenticity and with sensitive purposefulness

  • working as a midwife and want to accompany the pregnancy and birth process even better by integrating their own birth experience


Communication and Leadership

is designed to enhance your communication skill and reflect your life through nonviolent communication and to create support and spiritual community and become a leader in your field. Level 3 is aimed at all people who have already completed level 2 and:


  • to clarify accumulated questions from the level 1 & 2 on the basis of the “non-violent communication” in the depth

  • want to complete the training levels

  • would like to spend a wonderful time with authentic and open people in order to unfold their full potential

To complete your 400 hour training:

Level 4: Accompany 3 clients through 10 breathing sessions with supervision.

Level 5: accompany a training as an assistant / team leader

Level 6:  SALT – Special Advanced Leadership Training


Trainings with Heike Strombach:

These trainings are live, in person.

Contact Heike Strombach;

heikestrombach@gmail.com / +49 2269 528

3 Week Professional Trainings. All 3 levels are offered as well as 3 and 9 Day trainings:


in the  Breath and Life Center Wipperfürth, Germany with Heike Strombach:

August 6.  –  27. 2022


in Gulpen, the Netherlands. 3 Week Professional Training with Heike Strombach and Dorien Blaauw.

May 7th till 28th 2022


Rishikesh, India not scheduled


Recife, Brazil in planning with Heike & Vanessa Lima

Hourly Schedule

New Day


Jul 30 2023 - Aug 19 2023


11:00 am - 12:00 pm



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Breath & Life Center
Klaswipper/ Wipperfürth


Heike Strombach

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